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Fiber Optic (Ultra-Fast, Reliable, Low Latency)

Also known as fiber to the home (FTTH), is the latest and fastest reliable internet connection over fiber optics network.
Using optical cables to carry data via light, a high speed up to 300 Mbps can be reached, with a stable connection and lower latency. So now you can enjoy downloading/uploading, high definition streaming, playing and sharing like never before.





  • Add Extra 5 GB For 100,000 LBP
  • Add Extra 15 GB For 350,000 LBP
  • Add Extra 25 GB For 500,000 LBP
  • All the above prices are subject to VAT & other indirect Taxes
  • Prices and plans are subject to change without prior notice
  • Plans are subject to Fair Use Policy
  • Internal wiring work is the responsibility of the client
  • The requested plans are subject to location and the availability of the service.
Farahnet Fiber can reach speeds up to 300Mbps and its upload is much faster than other broadband services
Unlike DSL, Fiber optic network doesn’t degrade between the routers and your location. The Fiber optic signal is carried with light, which doesn’t affect your connection quality.
Fiber optic cables carry signals at speeds that are only about 31% slower than the speed of light. There is also less signal degradation with fiber cables.
Fiber Optic is immune to temperature changes, severe weather and moisture. Plus, fiber does not carry electric current, so it’s not bothered by electromagnetic interferences that can interrupt data transmission.
Your data is safer with Fiber Optic. It doesn’t radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap. If an attempt is made to break the physical security of your fiber system, we’ll know in a blink.